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sans1There are people who light up the world around them wherever they are, and Donna and Joe Bradley are people like that. Always doing the impossible, and loving it and celebrating it. I’ve known them both for more than thirty years and they never fail to surprise me with what new amazing thing they are creating.Featured image

They raised a pack of special needs kids in rural Yamhill, Oregon and Arcata, ran a healing and teaching school on Maui, demonstrated for peace, and basically lit everyone up who came in contact with them.
Joe’s kidneys finally bailed on him, and he is now getting set up with a way to do home dialysis. The main part is paid for, but they need help with the medicines, supplies and alternative treatments.
I’m hoping you can help me give back to them some of what they have given to the world over the years.
Many Blessings
Here is their indiegogo site
And here is a link to some of Donna’s teachings

Here’s what our friend Apurvo said about them:,

With only three weeks left of this blessed campaign for Donna and Joe (aka spirit and Sunow), I would love for us to re-energize this project with our love and blessings and hopes for them in every way possible… energetically, financially and beyond…

When I was part of the SOUL school, Donna taught us about a ceremony that they did with their very special children.  It was called a Circle of Love. The family would gather around someone to honor that person by sharing memories, stories, gratitude and love.

I wish we could all gather at Joe’s bedside to send healing… And wouldn’t it be so delicious to cuddle in a circle to celebrate Donna’s birthday this Monday  [now past, but don’t let that stop you; what is time anyway?]… But since we can’t be with them physically, we can do it through their Indiegogo site.  The great news is that while Indiegogo was designed to be a fundraising site, it also has the capability of gathering comments… and we can all come together in that way.

My proposal is that we all go to the site – and leave messages of love on the comment section and, if it feels right, gifts of financial love on the donation section.

Know that they so deeply appreciate your prayers and your love as much as they need your financial donations. So please express your love with great passion and vulnerability.  Share memories of your experiences with them. Tell them what they have meant to you and how they have made a difference in your life. Make them laugh. Honor them with tears of joy. They have been away from home and away from their support system for six months already.  I am calling on all of us to be fully present for them in the same way they have always been present for us.

And beyond the blessing circle aspect, perhaps we could all search inside and see if we can come up with creative ideas to help activate this on every level.  We are powerful, creative people whose focused love can spark ideas and possibilities for making this really happen in an amazing way for our friends who have been living this love so generously for so long… and now need our help.

It is such a simple thing to do.  Just go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/joe-and-donna-ask-for-your-help–3/x/9612664#home  and click on the comments button.

They will be so grateful and so will I. This will be such a lovely way to give back to these people who never stop giving. Of course we will start with the comments of our love and gratitude – And then move on to planting those seeds of possibility. It would be so good for them (and so good for us) if we could all make the time in our sometimes overwhelming lives to nurture this project like a newborn baby for the next three weeks.

In addition, I am inviting all of us to return the favor of their love not just for the next three weeks but also into their future.  Despite every thing they are going through, they are still living lives of service daily. They never stop loving… never stop being present for each of us so lets think of ways to support them from now on.  It really does take a village, and we are their village just as they have provided loving family for all of us for all these years. Together, we can birthe an even more beautiful future for them… and therefore, for the world.

As Donna always reminds us “Prepare thyself to be part of a miracle.

These two amazing people have been our miracle.  Let’s  keep the circle going.



are people who create things.

And to do that, you must understand them.

And to do that you must love them.

That’s what this blog is about.